RASPPPOE Version 0.99beta now includes the following NEW features:

  • AMD64 support. The AMD64 version only runs on Windows x64 Editions and supports AMD's AMD64 as well as Intel's EM64T,
  • Branding of RASPPPoE for Commercial License,
  • Improvements on timing (e.g. for satellite links),
  • Specify Link Speed,
  • A number of minor bugfixes.

RASPPPOE Version 0.98 has been updated to fix the "Error 31" issue some Windows NT 4.0 users experienced. Thanks go out to Jason Birch for helping me figure out what the problem was.

This version offers the following improvements over RASPPPOE Version 0.96:

  • Windows 95 support. Requires the Microsoft Dial-Up Networking Upgrade 1.2 or later to operate on the retail version. The OEM Service Releases of Windows 95 should require no updates.
  • Windows NT 4.0 support. Requires Service Pack 4 or later.
  • A number of minor bugfixes.